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  • Michael saw Lucas mouth open revealing the inhuman teeth within, Sweet god this can t be! he began to stutter prayers in Spanish.
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    Charlotte glanced toward Caroline and found her sister smiling at her as she lifted her teacup for a sip. Who is this man that my sister wants to meet?
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  • Mom, I m not a child, Elizabeth protested as her mother took her by the hand and led her out to her car. She d like to think that she might do something good for Miriam before she left.
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  • Looking for a Good Plumber?

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  • The sensation of this--his breath and tongue-was new and exquisite to her; again, she whimpered, tightening her grasp on his shoulders.
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  • Copperline Plumbing is my small plumbing business that strives for exceptional quality at surprisingly affordable prices. As a master plumber with over 30 years of commercial and residential plumbing experience, its always been my desire to provide simply the best finished product at the most affordable price. Its a bold statement, but I believe you will find my service for your needs to be simply the best. ~Jim Lytle

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  • I can t believe you re interested in that stuff.
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    Recent Work

    Image of “Your plumber painted that?”
    “Your plumber painted that?”

    Yes. Its an odd combination, but you just can’t plan things like this. When graduating from the Maryland Institute of Art, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Thirty years later my hands have been firmly planted in creating the best plumbing work, but I’ve never lost my love for [...]